Church Leadership 2021

Leadership Position                 2023

Church Council Chairperson              Ginger Smith

Church Council Vice-Chairperson     Terry Bergstrom

Church Council Secretary                   Missie Steigerwalt

Lay Leader                                             Jon Kendall

Lay Members to Annual Conference Jon Kendall

Staff Parish Relations Chair                Mac McKeown

Finance Chairperson                           Mike Collins

Trustees Chairperson                         Jay Crowley

Trustees Vice-Chairperson                Dale Norwood

Outreach Chairperson                        Todd Perrin

Evangelism Chairperson                     Kim Bird

Youth Council Chairperson              Paul Corder

Children’s Ministry Chairperson        Missie Steigerwalt

PDO Chairperson                                  Pam Oakes

Nominations Assistant-Chair             Terry Crain

Body of Christ Representative           Cindy Claburn

Facilities Beautification                     Rita Rice

Long Range Planning                           Mike French

2023 Trustee Committee - Jay Crowley, Chair

Becky Sauceda

Len Mewhinney

Shannan Tracey

Dale Norwood

Kris Manning

Jay Crowley

Jeff Kelley

Jeff Van Cura

John Anderson

Defacto member:  Jon Kendall (Lay Leader)

2023 Staff Parish Relations Committee - Mac McKeown, Chair

Sam Barnard

John Smith

Juli Bergstrom

Cecelia Little


Robin Hale

Sybil Collins

Linda Crowley

Patt Suggs

Defacto member: Jon Kendall (Lay Leader) 

2023 Finance Committee - Mike Collins, Chair

Will Manning

Mike Collins

Joyce Barker

Barb Horak

Jim McLeod

Becky Norwood

Leslie Van Cura

Amy Stearns

Richard McClure

Defacto members:  Jon Kendall (Lay Leader), Jay Crowley (Trustees Chair)

2023 Lay Leadership/Nomination Committee - Tommy Prud'homme, Chair

Rita Rice

Meredith Bonnett

Terry Crain

Beth Correa

Renee Oas

Tommy Hale

Matthew Von Gonten

Joanne Anderson


Salado United Methodist Church Staff

Pastor                                                 Tommy Prud'homme                                     

Director of Student Ministries         Paul Corder                            

Director of Finance/Office Admin.  Tammye Bass 

Administrative Assistant                  Andrea Heater

Property Manager/Custodian         Richard Doney            

Custodian Assistant                         Mitchell Salva

Director of Witness                           Salina Brown              

Director of Nurture                           Kristen Von Gonten                                                   

Director of Outreach                         Rolly Correa               

Director of Music & Fine Arts           Terry Livingston

Youth Praise Band Leader                Paul Corder

Sound Technician                             Zachary Corder

Parent's Day Out Director                Terri Tepera   

Pianist                                                 Briana Frederickson

Nursery Coordinator                         Melisa Ptomey