Church Leadership 2018

Leadership Position             2018 Leader   

Ministry Team Chairperson                Mike French

Ministry Team Vice-Chairperson        Weeta Evans

Ministry Team Secretary                     Mary French

Lay Leader                                             Jon Kendall

Lay Members to Annual Conference Jay & Linda Crowley

Pastor Parish Relations Chair             Kim Bird

Finance Chairperson                            John Perry

Trustees Chairperson                          TBD  

Outreach Chairperson                         Todd Perrin - International

                                                               Elise Lange, Holly Holmes – Special

                                                               Bruce Avila - Domestic

                                                              TBD – Local

Evangelism Chairperson                     Marsha Brown

UMW President                                     Frances Birtchet

Youth Council Chairperson                TBD

Shepherds Coordinator                      Jeanette Holliday

Women’s Ministry Chairperson         Robin Hale

Children’s Ministry Chairperson       TBD

MDO Chairperson                                Linda Crowley

Body of Christ Representative          John Perry

Emmaus Chairperson                         Stephanie Garcia

Visitation & Stephen Ministries        Mary French/Diane Morgan

Garden Guild                                        Nancy Elliott

Facilities Beautification                      Rita Rice

2018 Trustee Committee

Donald Hogue

Marcus Edwards

Barb Horak

Defacto members:  Jon Kendall (Lay Leader)

2018 Pastor Parish Relations Committee

Jim Hodgin

Mary French

Howard Lufburrow

Defacto members: Jon Kendall (Lay Leader) 

2018 Finance Committee

Stephanie Garcia

John Perry (Chair) 

Roy Holliday

Defacto members:  Jon Kendall (Lay Leader), Trustees Chair

2018 Lay Leadership/Nomination Committee

Debbie Lufburrow

Joyce Barker

Click here for a complete list of SUMC leadership for 2018 - 2020.