Congregational Care

Congregational Care Ministry is a team of lay ministers who work alongside their pastor to provide care for church family and other community members. This ministry includes Shepherds, Stephen Ministers, Visitation Care, Prayer Team, and the Portable Communion Team. Visitation Care's primary focus is visitation of SUMC members as well as those in the community who need a caring visit. Visits are made to those in the hospital, nursing home and homebound. For more information contact Kristen Von Gonten, or call the church office at (254) 947-5482.

The Shepherd Ministry provides assistance and support to all church members in time of need. They help keep the pastor and congregation informed through fellowship, phone calls, cards and food.

Stephen Ministers are members of our congregation who have received caregiving training to minister to people experiencing a crisis, facing a challenge, or going through tough times. This is usually a long term– and always confidential– caregiving relationship.

Our Prayer Team is dedicated to lifting others up to God with thanksgiving and compassion with respect to privacy. The Prayer Team meets weekly to pray and watch over each other as church members seeking to walk with Christ. Complete a prayer request online here.

Portable Communion Ministry. This Ministry is taking communion to our church members who are shut-ins, homebound, in the hospital or in nursing homes. This is a powerful witness for those who want to share in remembrance of our risen Lord through partaking of the Holy Sacraments. If you know of someone who might benefit from this ministry please call the church office at (254) 947-5482 and share their name with us.

To volunteer with Congregational Care, or for more information regarding these ministries, contact Kristen Von Gonten or call (254) 947-5482.